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Why Entrepreneurs Love Compass

  • Ari Newman avatar Compass is like ‘Enlightened Performance Management” for fast growing companies. Ari Newman,
    Partner at Techstars
  • Phil Macnevin avatar FINALLY!! Something simple, elegant, and easy to use for my team. I’ve been dying for someone to create this. Phil Macnevin,
    Lift Media
  • Carl Mattiola avatar I want to make sure my staff is working on their highest leverage activities. Compass is what I've been looking for. Carl Mattiola,
    Clinic Metrics

A Letter From The Founder

Andy Drish avatar Andy Drish, Founder of Compass

Dear You,

Building a fast growing company is hard work and a LOT of responsibility. I built Compass to help you.

Here's why: I bootstrapped my last company from nothing to $2,000,000+ in annual revenue in 18 months. Every week I struggled to know what was *actually* getting accomplished in our business and if we were on track with our goals or not.

I searched everywhere to find a simple, elegant solution to give me more transparency, but nothing worked.

Companies like Trello, Basecamp, Slack and Asana helped our team communicate and manage projects… but nothing connected me to the progress on our most important goals.

We ended up using an Excel spreadsheet. And everyone hated it.

What I really wanted was:

  • Something frictionless, simple and easy to use so my team would update it consistently.
  • Something unobtrusive so my team would feel supported and not micromanaged
  • Something that, in the click of a button, would show me exactly where our goals are at, so we could adjust in real time.

I couldn't find anything that simple. So I decided to build it.

Thus, Compass was born.

Compass is the simplest, most effective tool for keeping your team aligned with your company's goals.

Compass was designed by high performers for high performers so you can focus more energy accomplishing your goals and less time tracking them.

I’d like to invite you to join our private Beta waiting list today.

When you try Compass for two weeks, I promise you'll see an increase in productivity and a new level of transparency among your most important goals.

(Not to mention, you'll sleep better at night because, every week, you'll know exactly if you're business is on track or not.)

If you have any questions, call or text me at 515.229.6242. This is my personal cell phone. I built this business because I wan t to help people just like you.

If I can help in any way, call or text me.

Much love, Andy's Signature Andy Drish,
Founder of Compass
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